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    Subject: RE: Setting Up Test Environment
    Replied by: David Staudt on 04-08-2010 08:17:51 PM
    The current best way to get up and running with a lab environment is to install a real instance of UCM into a VMWare virtual machine.  UCM 5.0(3) and higher will install and run in VMWare, note only with 8.0 is this formally supported (i.e. by TAC.)
    Members of the CDN partner program can avail of discount purchase programs, including an NFR kit of many UC apps (including UCM) in a very affordable package:
    Basically if you can get hold of UCM installation media, you can install in VMWare - the system will come with a few built-in phone licenses for adhoc lab/demo work.
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    Created by: Randall Herget on 04-08-2010 04:53:48 PM
    (Posted prior as another user but it said 'Sumulated' and not sure what that means)
    I need to set up an environment (simulator or equivalent) that I can go through some tutorials and/or sample SDK code.  I've messed briefly with the CallManager Simulator that comes with the SDK, but having some trouble with 'Host Not Found' when calling some sample ASP provided in my tutorial and have read in one of these posts that the simulator is obsolete anyhow.
    So, assuming I know nothing - which is true - can someone give me a detailed recipe for an appropriate installation and setup of a testing environment that will allow me to test simple tasks like pressing the Services button and having it run some sample code? 
    Much thanks,