wsdl.exe, C# and the 1.1 Framework [CUCM v7/v8/+]

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    Created by: Stuart Miller on 04-08-2010 10:40:23 PM
    I am attempting to create the CS file for a 7.1(5) PBX. Unfortunately, it is erroring out on the creation of the AXLAPIService. Today, instead of using the 7.1 WSDL/XSD files, I used the 7.0 WSDL/XSD files. Both attempts were using the WSDL.exe that came with the 1.1 Framework because the code is still written towards that framework.
    With both attempts, I get the same error message when I try to create the AXLAPIService. [See my other post for details.]
    So my question is, are there any known issues with using the 1.1 WSDL.exe file for CUCM versions 7/8/+.

    Subject: RE: wsdl.exe, C# and the 1.1 Framework [CUCM v7/v8/+]
    Replied by: Vinicius Cover on 02-09-2010 01:18:19 AM
    Hi Stuart,
         I've just built AXLAPIService.cs using WSDL.exe from .Net 3.5 and published some projects in .Net 2.0 with no issues, but I've done the same for .Net 1.1 without success. I guess there's no namespace used in AXLAPIService.cs that doesn't exist in .net 2.0 or late.