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    Created by: ptwedgy66 (simulated) on 04-08-2010 12:29:25 AM
    I need to set up an environment (simulator or equivalent) that I can go through some tutorials and/or sample SDK code.  I've messed briefly with the CallManager Simulator that comes with the SDK, but having some trouble with 'Host Not Found' when calling some sample ASP provided in my tutorial and have read in one of these posts that the simulator is obsolete anyhow.
    So, assuming I know nothing - which is true - can someone give me a detailed recipe for an appropriate installation and setup of a testing environment that will allow me to test simple tasks like pressing the Services button and having it run some sample code? 
    Much thanks,

    Subject: RE: Newbie Jumpstart
    Replied by: Ramgopal Chockalingam on 05-08-2010 06:33:42 AM
    Hi Paul,
    As you are already aware CallManager Simulator is No longer supported and is Obsolete... Assuming you do not have an Unified CM Setup and Physical IP Devices... I guess, you just are trying hands-on with basic IP Phone XML service development. As of now the only option for you is "4.1(1) IP Phone Services SDK" which has the CallManager Simulator.
    I am not sure which device you have associated with the above CCM Simulator... Probably Cisco IP Communicator; is that succesffully registered and where exactly you are finding host not found ? When you press the services button in IPC ?
    You may have to detail more on the exact steps to understand the real issue.
    Having perfect lab setup with Unified CM box & IPC / IP Devices, you could progress more easily.

    Subject: RE: Newbie Jumpstart
    Replied by: Ramgopal Chockalingam on 05-08-2010 06:54:43 AM
    If while hitting the "Services" button on the IPC you see "host not found" error... then in the CM Simulator there is a "Device Defaults" button / form where you need to provide the Services URL or for the selected device you could provide that. HTH