How about some way of showing the data source on an entry inside campaign?

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    Created by: Kenneth Leung on 24-07-2010 05:21:44 PM
    If i have a campaign of multiple feeds (blogs, Twitter, Facebook) it would be useful in the Campaign view to see the source (is it a Twitter, Facbook, feed from specific blog, feed from blogsearch) so that I can determine if a topic is tracking cross social media channels. 

    Subject: RE: How about some way of showing the data source on an entry inside campai
    Replied by: Tod Famous on 11-09-2010 10:51:40 PM
    Yes, we do have that on our backlog.
    Specifically, what we have contemplated is to allow you to set a "tag" in the feed.  So for example, when you set up a new feed there would be an additional text box in the feed setup.  In that text box you could set one (or more) tags.  You could mark "twitter" for your twitter feeds.  You could also use this tagging for other groupings. 
    When the SC's show up in the CR results they would already be tagged "Twitter" or other. 
    The benifit of using (re-using) the tagging functionalty for this is that we plan reporting metrics based on tags, so if we use tags for this purpose you will ultimately be able to produce reports showing you volume and other metrics which would be pretty helpful for your use case.