Name Dialing

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    Created by: Roland Russwurm on 23-07-2010 04:24:51 PM
    Our customer has a CUCM 7.x and he has a "Name Dialing" field in the End User configuration. I have never seen this field in any other CUCM installation.
    Now he wants that we fill this field using AXL but I also didn't find anything regarding a "Name Dialing" field in the AXL documentation or WSDL file.
    Any idea how to get this field and how to access it by AXL?

    Subject: Re: New Message from Roland Russwurm in Administration XML (AXL) - Administ
    Replied by: Johannes Krohn on 23-07-2010 04:35:47 PM
    You might want to check this message.