Would be great to get integration to Linked In group updates

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    Created by: Kenneth Leung on 22-07-2010 05:03:05 PM
    Just started testing the product for B2B social media marketing management.
    Looks Linked In only offers RSS Feeds on News Feed update but not Group updates.  It is more relevant to monitor Linked In group updates  since I have membership in > 10 groups including groups I own, and right now I have to manually monitor posting updates via Web or indivdual group update Emails.  Being able to get that view inside CCP would be great....

    Subject: RE: Would be great to get integration to Linked In group updates
    Replied by: Tod Famous on 11-09-2010 10:56:05 PM
    Thanks for the suggestion
    Question for you: do you use email to recieve these group updates today?
    One means to get this type of source into the system is to use an email system that supports ATOM.  For example, GMAIL.
    If you have the subscription send to a gmail account, then you can subscribe to the ATOM feed of that GMAIL account using the "Authenticated RSS" type feed in CCP.
    This is the URL
    And the username/password would be the username/password for your GMAIL account.  That will get these posts into CCP, and from there you can put them into a Campaign like any other.