Extracting Business Intelligence from Outbound Dialer Campaigns using CUIS

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Created by: Venkat Subbarao on 23-07-2010 06:37:43 PM
Traditionally Call Centers were considered as Service Organizations and focus of companies has been to collect metrics that can help reduce the cost and improve the quality of the call center operations.  Accordingly the data that is collected and summarized is based on the type of the call, time taken to answer the call and who is answering the call. Currently business units in the organizations have started realizing the wealth of information that can be stored due to customer interactions; and importantly benefits of business intelligence based on customer specific data in addition to call center performance data.
Cisco Unified Intelligent Suite is the new reporting platform for the Cisco Unified Contact Center environment. With CUIS, it is possible to generate reports from either the Unified ICM/CCE 7.5 or the Unified ICM/CCE 7.2 AW/HDS database.   However, it has been a challenge for Call Center Analysts, Developers and Managers to extract customer related business data when needed, without going through weeks of custom development life cycle.

CUIS-IPCC platform provides an easy way to tag customer data to a call; however summary data collected is based on type of the call and who is answering the call and not related to the customer who is making the call.  Often business management needs performance data based on customer specific parameters like campaign, department, location, corporate accounts, age groups etc.  For example; Sales manager runs a telemarketing campaign for existing customers in many regions and needs a report to analyze call responses by Region and Account Type.

"VIMLA CUIS Adapter for Cisco Outbound Dialer" from ApproachIT (www.approach-it.net) is a business driven Reporting solution where business can extract call center performance metrics based on different customer or campaign specific parameters like Region, Account Type etc.; without going through long development life cycles.

¿VIMLA CUIS Adapter for Cisco Outbound Dialer¿ has an easy to use interface that can summarize outbound dialer metrics based on customer or campaign specific data. In addition it provides interfaces to easily integrate with ¿Cisco Unified Intelligent Suite¿ to generate reports.  With this adapter it is possible to build BI reports that may not be possible before and importantly in a very short time.  Please email to venksubbarao@approach-it.net  for more information and a demo on how if it can help your business needs.