VB Bad Fetch Exception

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    Created by: James Heffernan on 16-07-2010 02:26:00 AM
    we've got a UCCE 7.0.1 script which uses the VB to fetch some VoiceXML from a 3rd party integrator.  What we wanted to do was handle bad fetch conditions from within the CRS script itself, but looking at the list of available exceptions to handle the actual one thrown (java.net.ConnectException) is not there and I can't see any of the Cisco exceptions which might apply (and looking in the log file with VB tracing turned up it is definitely the java.net. exception which is thrown).
    Does anyone have any idea on how I can either 'insert' this exception to be handled, or choose an applicable subclass in the Cisco drop list?

    Subject: RE: VB Bad Fetch Exception
    Replied by: Sharik M on 14-03-2013 04:15:35 AM
    Hi James,
                 As Voice Browser Step uses Document type which is created usiing Create URL Doc Step the Document Exception can be used to handle this scenario of connectivity issues
    The "Create XXX" ie CreateXML or CreateURL steps do not actually do the data retrieval. You use either Cache Document step just before Voice Browser Step,, that's when it will actually fetch the data.

    Now the following needs to be modified in the script

    a)Use Cache Document Step After Create URL Document Step which will avoid other steps running in web server down condition and will give a Connect Exception.

    b)Handle Web Server down condition  and timeout exception correctly (ie. Play some error prompt in the label) using OnExceptionGoto Step for Document Exception