combining standard reports

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    Created by: tommy finn on 14-07-2010 11:44:34 PM
    im new to sql and cuis.
    i wanted the create a report with the information in the provided standard report 'enterprise skill group real time' and 'agent skill group real time'.
    But i can not figure out how to combine the 2 or if it is possible.
    thanks in advance for the help.

    Subject: RE: combining standard reports
    Replied by: Brandon McDowall on 19-07-2010 01:25:07 PM
    Hey Tommy,
    Let me save you a ton of time searching the web. This forum is all we have for this little CUIS niche/SQL.
    There is no "'enterprise skill group real time" table there is a "Skill_Group_Real_Table" which you can link to the Agent_Skill_Group_Real_Time table using the SQL below.

    mhrs_awdb.dbo.Agent_Skill_Group_Real_Time a
    inner join mhrs_awdb.dbo.Skill_Group_Member b on b.SkillGroupSkillTargetID=a.SkillGroupSkillTargetID
    inner join mhrs_awdb.dbo.Skill_Group c on c.SkillTargetID=b.SkillGroupSkillTargetID
    inner join mhrs_awdb.dbo.Skill_Group_Real_Time d on d.SkillTargetID=c.SkillTargetID

    Hope that helps.

    - Brandon