Synchronize jTapi events with CiscoIPPhoneExec push XML

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    Created by: Assaf D on 01-07-2010 10:18:39 AM
    I'm developing few
    services which accept jtapi call events (incoming/outgoing) and then push some
    info (text/image) to the targeted phones.
    The services work with
    4 phones in the lab BUT the production environment will be involved with x100s
    of phones.
    In order to support
    x100s of phones I have to know how the jtapi and the push phone XML are related
    to each other.
    My question is:
    When a CallEvent
    occures and a CiscoIPPhoneExec push XML is being sent, does the jtapi
    CallEvent observer is being put on HOLD until the phone returns its
    the CiscoIPPhoneExec push XML waits for a response from the phone and by
    that blocks the CallEvent observer to handle another incoming CallEvent ?
    Clarifying this point
    will help me to design the right jtapi/XML code services for x100s of phones