VB.net controlling 7941 phones

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    Created by: James Swearingen on 24-06-2010 06:55:47 PM
    I'm looking for information about how a VB.NET (2005+) could be used to intercept callerId information AND be able to initiate an outbound calls.
    The only information i have found on the web is either incomplete (such as "use apis") or fairly complex.
    I'm looking specifically for documentation that speaks directly to this issue OR a sample VB.NET application that does something simliar to this.
    I have posted in this forum because the CLOSEST example i have found mentioned AXL and the usage of XML (however the example was incomplete).
    If anyone could point me to a working example in .net or some specific related documentation, I would appreciate it.

    Subject: RE: VB.net controlling 7941 phones
    Replied by: Walid Azab on 19-09-2011 10:21:37 AM
    I suggest you use Cisco TAPI ratherthan AXL. Check this link: http://developer.cisco.com/web/tapi/home