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    Created by: Chikeobi Njaka on 23-06-2010 10:02:35 PM
    Dear Gang;
    I need to find a way to determine if a phone/device is a G-series phone. The XModel and XProduct enums do not include all the G series phones (such as 7906G). Does anyone know a way to determine if a phone is the newer G-series or better yet, if the phone is capable of recording using the Built-In-Bridge? I need to do this programmatically.

    Subject: RE: Phone Model/Product
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-06-2010 03:50:43 PM
    As far as I know the 'G' designation is for 'global' and designates only that the accessory buttons for Directory/Messages/Settings, etc. have icons instead of English text.
    As mentioned in the other thread, AXL getPhone provides a builtInBridgeStatus element that may help you.