AXL api mangled http response from executesqlquery

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    Subject: RE: AXL api mangled http response from executesqlquery
    Replied by: David Staudt on 22-06-2010 04:51:52 PM
    My suspicion would be that potentially some of the user data could contain XML reserved characters that may not be getting escaped in the reply.  Enabling detailed AXL logging and checking same via RTMT may provide a clue.  Also narrowing the problem down to a specific user ID or profile, you could check the data in AXL admin (or via SQL from the UCM CLI) to see if you spot any problem characters.
    If you don't discover anything, you can go ahead and attach the AXL logs here.
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    Created by: ujjwal kohli on 22-06-2010 02:07:27 PM
    hi here is my axl call made to get the active logged in profiles on the server.
    sqlQuery(String sql) {
    "<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=\"\" xmlns:xsi=\"\" xmlns:xsd=\"[url=\">\n]\">\n" +
    " <SOAP-ENV:Body>\n" +
    "  <axl:executeSQLQuery xmlns:axl=\"\"  sequence=\"1\">\n" +
    "   <sql>"+sql+"</sql>\n" +
    "  </axl:executeSQLQuery>\n" +
    " </SOAP-ENV:Body>\n" +
    i am getting unexpected tag information in the response and also some tags are missing , info is as below.
    <device>SEP001646A8A888</device><userdeviceprofile>EM_mulanj</userdeviceprofile><userid>mulanj</us></urow><row><device>SEP0014A8ACD6DC</device><userdeviceprofile>EM_rasomo</userdeviceprofile><userid> rasomo</userid>
    <device> SEP0018B97895FF </device><userdeviceprofile> EM_ramakar </userdeviceprofile><userid> ramakar </userid></
    These mangled responses are observed while fetching 400 users device information who have logged in presently to the server , I wanted to know if this is a bug in CUCM 6.1(3) or what can be done in this case with random unknown responses from the server.