send attached data from CTI to IVR

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    Created by: Shehzad Ali on 22-06-2010 08:53:56 AM
    I am using UCCX CRS Release 6.0 and CRS CTI protocol version 10 with CallManager 4.1. I am using brigdemode to connect to CRS.

    I was making a conference call which includes me (agent) a customer and my IVR.

    I have figured out that CiscoLibrary/conferencecallreq.cpp and CiscoLibrary/conferencecallconf.cpp are used in making a conference call.

    Now I want to transfer a car registration number to the IVR while adding the IVR to my conference call. Under which IVR function in the Cisco Library will the registration number be recieved.?

    It would be appreciated if the answer to the question above can be given with an example.