CVP reporting server issue

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    Created by: Matt K. on 21-06-2010 02:15:08 PM
    The CVP reporting server is not receiving reporting information from Call Studio application.  At least some of this information is being written to CVP Reporting Server like data passed from ICM to CVP.   However, when the Session variables are being updated in the application via custom elements, they are not written to CVP Reporting Server.  We have developed custom elements in this application because of complex logic and we cannot eliminate them. We utilize setSessionData(..) for updating session variables in the application.
    Please let me know what the problem could be?  Is CVP reporting supported for custom elements?

    Subject: RE: CVP reporting server issue
    Replied by: Yawming Chen on 21-06-2010 02:40:07 PM
    Is this related to IOS voice gateway (VXML broswer) ? If this is not  for IOS voice gateway, please post the question on CVP forum, there may have more and right exoerts  to answer CVP related question.
    Thanks !

    Subject: RE: CVP reporting server issue
    Replied by: Matt K. on 21-06-2010 03:16:32 PM
    I am not sure if this is related to VXML browser or not.  Anyway to check that?  I have also posted in CVP forums.