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    Created by: Maurin Egler on 17-06-2010 03:06:58 PM
    Hi there
    we were trying to translate the given wadl file using glassfish wadl2java lately.
    Translatation basically seems to work, unfortunately the generated client stub contains a lot of errors. (Mainly duplicated methods and parameters...)
    Advice appreciated.

    Subject: RE: wadl client stub
    Replied by: David Wanagel on 23-06-2010 01:28:14 PM
    Sorry for the delay here, somehow my original post from 6/17 didn't make it to the forum.
    This isn¿t something we have tried, but it is a bit surprising due to the fact that the WADL is generated automatically by the jersey framework, which is also part of glassfish. Are you getting the WADL directly from a server?


    Subject: RE: wadl client stub
    Replied by: Maurin Egler on 29-06-2010 02:02:00 PM
    thx for the reply.
    Well, it was suprising for us as well. Especially cause we know it was generated with jersey.
    And yes, the wadl files come from a brand new server directly...
    We first thought it might be a versioning issue cause we used jersey 1.1 comparing to the wadl which was generated using 1.0.2 (at least it seems so)..
    But using the older libraries didn't help much..
    Anyone sucessfullly translated these wadl's back to source-code?
    We are using the ant taks to do so as described on the wad2java site...

    Subject: RE: wadl client stub
    Replied by: David Wanagel on 29-06-2010 02:06:35 PM
    We are in the process of updating our jersey version to 1.3.  If you can post your direct email address, I can send you a jersey 1.3 generated WADL and see if anything improves (it is too big to post here),

    Subject: RE: wadl client stub
    Replied by: Maurin Egler on 29-06-2010 09:52:38 PM
    that would be: megler (at) ins.hsr.ch

    Subject: RE: wadl client stub
    Replied by: Maurin Egler on 01-07-2010 09:30:07 AM
    thanks for your email.
    we've tried to compile it with wadl2java v1.1...
    Unfortunatelly this new file does not compile - the following error occurs when trying to compile it with the ant task:

          Compiling the description...
           Processing: file:application.wadl
            at com.sun.codemodel.JDefinedClass._class(JDefinedClass.java:654)
            at com.sun.codemodel.JDefinedClass._class(JDefinedClass.java:632)
            at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.ResourceClassGenerator.generateClass(ResourceClassGenerator.java:132)
            at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.generateSubClass(Wadl2Java.java:471)
            at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.generateSubClass(Wadl2Java.java:480)
            at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.generateEndpointClass(Wadl2Java.java:450)
            at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.process(Wadl2Java.java:157)
            at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.WJCTask.execute(WJCTask.java:233)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.UnknownElement.execute(UnknownElement.java:288)
            at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
            at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
            at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
            at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.dispatch.DispatchUtils.execute(DispatchUtils.java:106)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.Task.perform(Task.java:348)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.execute(Target.java:357)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.Target.performTasks(Target.java:385)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeSortedTargets(Project.java:1337)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTarget(Project.java:1306)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.helper.DefaultExecutor.executeTargets(DefaultExecutor.java:41)
            at org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.antsupport.EclipseDefaultExecutor.executeTargets(EclipseDefaultExecutor.java:32)
            at org.apache.tools.ant.Project.executeTargets(Project.java:1189)
            at org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.antsupport.InternalAntRunner.run(InternalAntRunner.java:423)
            at org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.antsupport.InternalAntRunner.main(InternalAntRunner.java:137)