UCCX8 - Write Document Filename ?

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    Created by: Richard Oldham on 17-06-2010 05:28:34 AM
    Am struggling to get the syntax right for the ¿Write Document¿ step.
    All the examples I¿ve seen are along the lines of:
    Write Document (documentVar to ¿c:\mode.xml¿)
    That is there¿s a explicit reference to the path ¿c:\...¿.
    Now with the move to UCCX8 (away from Windows) this is obviously invalid.
    However I¿m yet to work out how to specify the document I want to write to ¿ the document already exists and is in the document repository.
    Have tried a number of ways, for example:
    Write Document (documentVar to ¿mode.xml¿)
    Thinking this will use the default repository, but I get a java exception.
    I can read the file fine, via:
    documentVar = Create XML Document(DOC[mode.xml])
    Can anyone give me the correct syntax for writing to this file.

    Subject: RE: UCCX8 - Write Document Filename ?
    Replied by: PATRICK HAMPSON on 14-08-2010 04:55:02 PM
    You'll want to use the upload document step.  You'll need a "User" type variable in order to do this.  The user must be authenticated or the upload will fail. 

    When you upload the document it will be in the Document repository in the appadmin interface.  You can create a directory structure from there. 

    I don't know how to write to actual file system or if it's even possible to do.

    Subject: RE: UCCX8 - Write Document Filename ?
    Replied by: Steven Pawlak on 04-02-2011 09:33:19 AM
    If the document you want to write to is in Repository and is of XML format, then you are going to need to use a Template file if you want to write to the file from inside CCX. Unless you are some how generating XML via some other means in CCX.

    Then you follow what Patrick said and Upload the new XML file to the repository.

    According to the CCX 8.0 scripting docs, there is a customer folder that can be written to using the Write Document step, but it is a little cryptic on how to name that path.

    Subject: RE: UCCX8 - Write Document Filename ?
    Replied by: JAMES MCBURNETT on 26-05-2011 07:30:01 AM
    Interestingly enough..
    I had the write document step working on 8.0 SU3 But when I upgraded to 8.5 (NO SU) it fails with the JAVA exception.
    Opened a TAC case citing a bug to the software and inadequate documentation.

    I'll post what I get back..

    The JAVA bug says no permission.. So I'm going to try the authenticate user steps above..