IP Phone Service that does only execute

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    Created by: Michael Kail on 15-06-2010 08:13:26 AM
    Hello everybody,
    i am looking for a way to create a phone service, that gets executed by the user but does not display any Information on the display. Something like a service, e.g. authentification on a phone, that gets called but does not send any result. I have looking in this forum and with google but i did not find any good solution.
    Does anybody have a good idea?
    Thanks for your help!
    Regards, Michael

    Subject: RE: IP Phone Service that does only execute
    Replied by: Michael Kail on 16-06-2010 08:29:35 AM
    Solved the problem. I am sending a phone execute back so the device does not display an XML parser error. That's not a good solution, but it works.
    <ExecuteItem URL="SoftKey:Cancel" />