UCCX 7 On Exception processing

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    Created by: Josh Flynn on 14-06-2010 04:36:56 PM
    Hi all,
    I'm trying to help a customer set up error handling with integration between their home grown CRM app and UCCX 7.x.
    They want to set up On Exception processing for when their CRM app is down.  The error received when a UCCX script tries to interact with their CRM and it's down is:
    java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Connect timed out
    This particular exception is not listed in the On Exception step.  
    Looked in the MIVR logs and it provides the following;

    Private Context:
       An object of
    java.util.Hashtable, {user.layout=com.cisco.wf.subsystems.ged125.ExpCallVarObject@5a5b}}
    {C6E09414-FE87-11d2-A3CA-00108300BD05_QueryResources, java.util.Hashtable,
    com.cisco.wf.steps.ivr.DBConResource, com.cisco.wf.steps.ivr.DBConResource@12d6316}
       Number of executed
    steps: 11
       Current step:
    AcctNum = Get XML Document Data(ResultWebSrvRespDoc,
    53503802: Jun 12 06:49:51.101
    KST %MIVR-ENG-7-UNK:Execute step of Task 27000287169 : AcctNum = Get XML
    Document Data(ResultWebSrvRespDoc, "/descendant::CustomerSearchResult/child::AccountNumber")
    53503803: Jun 12 06:49:53.101
    KST %MIVR-STEPS_DOCUMENT-7-UNK:Task: 27000287169 I/O exception while getting
    XML document data: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out
    Does anyone know which exception corresponds to this situation?

    Subject: RE: UCCX 7 On Exception processing
    Replied by: Anthony Holloway on 28-06-2010 12:59:20 PM
    The easy way to do this is to use the workflow execution exception.
    On Exception WFExecutionException Goto CRM Failure
    /* Begin CRM Steps, If any error occurs, jump to CRM Failure label */
    /* End CRM Steps, No Errors occurred, Clear exception handler */
    Clear Exception WFExecutionException
    Label CRM Failure
    /* We had a failure, transfer to CS */
    Goto Customer Service