SoftKeyMenuItem not showing

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    Created by: Chris Halverson on 14-06-2010 08:53:10 PM
    We're in the process of upgrading from Call Manager 4.x to 7 and my custom services URL and such have stopped showing their soft keys depending on the phone type. My old 7960 works fine, but a newer 7942 does not.
    The XML that I am sending that works on the 7960 is:
        <Name>Service 1</Name>
        <Name>Service 2</Name>
    I've downloaded the xsd to try to validate my XML and it fails:
    "Invalid content was found starting with element 'SoftKeyItem'. One of '{MenuItem}' is expected."
    Even if I strip it down to the stock SoftKey:Select it still fails.
    Am I missing something in how I'm constructing this? Thanks!