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    Subject: RE: ActiveXObject LDAPSEARCH
    Replied by: David Staudt on 07-06-2010 05:06:29 PM
    The LDAP search object has not been updated since UCM4, and as UCM no longer stores user info in an onboard LDAP as of UCM5, it is unlikely to be updated.  The current API for accessing UCM user info is AXL SOAP - i.e. the get/listUser requests.
    There are numerous available C#/COM libraries available on the web for generic LDAP access.
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    Created by: Brian Huettl on 07-06-2010 03:32:41 PM
    I have a phone directory lookup into Active Directory using the LDAPSearch Active X Object. 
    var s = new ActiveXObject("LDAPSEARCH.LDAPSearchList");
    s.AddSortingAttr("sn, givenName, ipPhone", 1);
    I am doing a lookup and sort.  The sort is case sensitive.  I have contacted our account rep for Cisco and our technology partner and they both suggested these forumns as a place to request the feature addition for a case insensitive option.  Could the AddSortingAttr be modified to include a boolean for case sensitivity on the sort?  Meaning an "A" would be the same as an "a".  Thank you.