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    Created by: Chris Bertrand on 14-06-2010 11:42:55 AM
    Was wondering if there are any examples for how to create some simple calls using v8.0. Quite a lot has changed since 7 and simple calls like listphones or getline are not returning any results.
    The returnedTags field is stumping me at the moment. For getphone() iv got:
    GetPhoneReq phoneReq = new GetPhoneReq();
    RPhone rTags = new RPhone();
    phoneReq.ItemElementName = ItemChoiceType129.name;
    phoneReq.Item = "SEP001DA21A3115";
    phoneReq.returnedTags = rTags;
    phoneReq.sequenceSpecified = false;
    GetPhoneRes phoneResponse = axlService.getPhone(phoneReq);
    I know there that phone exists with that name yet i am not revieving any results. This is the same when using listphones() i believe it may have something to do with the returnedTags field yet there is no documentation on this.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Subject: RE: v8.0 .NET/C# Examples List/GetPhones()
    Replied by: Chris Bertrand on 15-06-2010 10:20:40 AM
    Any help with this returnedTags field? Do i just create a new LPhone/ Rline and associate that to the request? None of my requests are bringing back results!! Is there an example anywhere where a simple call is displayed, so i can understand how this is put together??

    Subject: RE: v8.0 .NET/C# Examples List/GetPhones()
    Replied by: Chris Bertrand on 16-06-2010 09:55:35 AM
    C# is suppose to be a supported platform! Can i please just get one example?

    Subject: RE: v8.0 .NET/C# Examples List/GetPhones()
    Replied by: Chris Bertrand on 02-07-2010 08:21:53 AM
    I see alot of people have viewed this thread so thought id post a few examples here as well
    public void getLine(String Pattern)
    GetLineReq lineReq = new GetLineReq();
    lineReq.ItemsElementName = new ItemsChoiceType51[2];
    lineReq.ItemsElementName[0] = ItemsChoiceType51.routePartitionName;
    lineReq.ItemsElementName[1] = ItemsChoiceType51.pattern;
    lineReq.Items = new object[2];
    XFkType part = new XFkType();
    part.Value = "XXXX_Phones_PT";
    lineReq.Items[0] = part;
    lineReq.Items[1] = Pattern;
    GetLineRes lineResponse = axlService.getLine(lineReq);
    public ListLineRes findLines(PartitionName)
    ListLineReq linereq = new ListLineReq();
    ListLineReqSearchCriteria search = new ListLineReqSearchCriteria();
    LLine lineTags = new LLine();
    lineTags.description = "";
    lineTags.pattern = "";
    lineTags.callPickupGroupName = new XFkType();
    lineTags.presenceGroupName = new XFkType();
    lineTags.patternPrecedence = "";
    lineTags.voiceMailProfileName = new XFkType();
    lineTags.aarDestinationMask = "";
    search.routePartitionName = PartitionName;
    linereq.searchCriteria = search;
    linereq.returnedTags = lineTags;
    ListLineRes  lines = axlService.listLine(linereq);
    return lines;