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    Created by: Jeremy Cooper on 10-06-2010 03:03:59 PM
    I'm pretty new to all the phone service stuff and i'm trying to write a new corporate directory using the IP phone service SDK.  I've got the multidirectory asp file working and can look up against 3 domains.
    I would like the LDAP search to return and display additional lines of information in the search e.g. Department, Mobile number, job title etc.
    Is this possible? i know the LDAP fields it looking for bot not sure how to show the additional lines (ISS server and Active Directory is Windows 2k3 SP2, Call manager is 6.1.3
    Thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: MultiDirectory
    Replied by: Swsupp123 (simulated) on 09-11-2010 10:07:12 AM
    Can some one here help in pointing out if we can have any method to display multiple phone numbers?

    Subject: RE: MultiDirectory
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 09-11-2010 06:30:49 PM
    You can't do it with CiscoIPPhoneDirectory.. that is meant to replace the standard directory, and you'd best program it exactly like the original if you aim at replacing the standard directory.
    If you can go for an additional directory that is a normal IP Phone Service, then instead of using CiscoIPPhoneDirectory, you can use the more versatile CiscoIPPhoneMenu to display results. You could still program it so that pressing one softkey would result in dialing, another in editdial, but you could have an additional softkey called Details which would then show all the user's numbers (and so the default number dialed would have to be determined by some standard method... e.g. we use office number first, if not available, mobile, if not available, personal number).
    Or, you simply return as many results as there are phone numbers - in that case, you can keep working with the CiscoIPPhoneDirectory.