CUCM Versioning for CUCM 8.0(1), getCSS error

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    Created by: UUser SNUUser on 03-06-2010 08:56:38 AM
    I want to confirm the CUCM versioning for CUCM 8.0.1 AXL request. From CUCM version and above we need to specify the DB API version in the namespace of the AXL request. With CUCM 7.1,  I include<strong class="cBold"> SOAPAction: "CUCMB ver=7.1" in the soap header of AXL request and it works fine. I have tried using SOAPAction:"CUCM DB ver=8.0", SOAPAction: "CUCM DB 8.0(1)" and SOAPAction: "CUCM DB 8.0.(2)" for CUCM 8.0 AXL Request but this does not seem to work. The request comes back with an empty response.
    The CUCM version I am using is The AXL request which I am issuing on the CUCM is getCSS with the name tag.
    If i specify the CUCM versioning 7.1 with the same request it retrives the data from CUCM.

    Also if i specify  SOAPAction:"CUCM DB ver=8.0" in the header I receive a faultstring
    FAILED: faultcode[axis2ns11:Client] faultstring[The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is https://<CUCM IP>:8443/axl/services/AXLAPIService and the WSA Action = https://<CUCM IP>/SOAPAction:"CUCM DB ver=8.0"#getCSS] faultdetail[]
    I have changed the content header for the SOAP request to have "" it seems to work but I am not entirely sure if this would force the CUCM to use the AXL API for 8.0

    Any ideas regarding this ?