UCCX CAD integration with Siebel 8.0

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    Created by: Daljeet Singh on 02-06-2010 08:01:36 AM
    Hello Experts,
    We have a customer with UCCX 7 and Siebel 8.0 and wish to integrate two, basically we want to open Siebel Screen in integrated browser of CAD and call flow should be like, if the call comes in we will capture the ANI or Caller input based on that we should send the information to siebel and present the details on Siebel screen.
    We need some information on how we can achieve this and what all we require for successful integration? like i am reading a document which says we require CAD-Siebel.exe to be placed on each agent desktop. From where we can get this CAD-Siebel.exe? and are there any other connectors which are available for this kind of integraton??
    Your response awaiting.
    Thank You,

    Subject: RE: UCCX CAD integration with Siebel 8.0
    Replied by: MARKUS SCHWEITZER on 29-06-2010 06:53:09 AM
    did you already get the information?
    Because I'm searching for the same thing.
    kind regards

    Subject: RE: UCCX CAD integration with Siebel 8.0
    Replied by: AHMED Ali on 01-05-2013 11:38:52 AM
    CAD could integrate with any web application through Macros and invokation of the web based URL. Also it is able to pass call data to the URL within the URL paramters.
    However in case of Siebel , the integration will be limited to open the URL of Siebel itself within the call as siebel does not provide URL with parameters for this integration. Please also note that CAD will not be able to handle Single sign on with Siebel as CAD is not LDAP integrated out of the box.
    Ahmed Rizk