push or pull?

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    Created by: Regan DeDiana on 31-05-2010 10:38:13 PM
    hey folks, i read the cipps dev notes indicating that an object larger than512bytes (without using jtapi) a pull mechanism is required....
    "TipAny HTTP POST object is limited to 512 bytes in size. Larger objects (such as images) can only be delivered to the phone via HTTP GET. So, to push large objects to the phone, the server application must take an indirect approach. To do this, push an Execute object to the phone that contains an ExecuteItem pointing to the URL of the large object."
    does this apply to any and every xml objects.. ie: below...
    <pre id="line1"><?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Prompt>Select a script component</Prompt>
      <Name>BMO - Scene 1</Name>
    <pre id="line9"> <MenuItem>
      <Name>BMO - Scene 2</Name>
      <Name>BMO - Scene 3</Name>
    <pre id="line16"> </MenuItem>

    for some reason when i post this to the ipphone, i only get 1 of the menu items... the above is 618 bytes

    thanks all,

    Subject: RE: push or pull?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 01-06-2010 04:50:43 PM
    The XML seems to be valid otherwise.  I would definitely suggest getting the payload under 512 bytes.  What model phone are you testing?  Is it on the latest available firmware update?