Tables Effected by a new Unity account

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    Subject: RE: Tables Effected by a new Unity account
    Replied by: Jeff Garner on 01-06-2010 03:59:59 PM
    Your best bet is to use the SQL stored procedures, this will update all of the tables, and then kick off a directory sync.
    I suggest going to and checking out the code samples section.
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    Created by: Manas Varma on 31-05-2010 05:25:27 AM
    Hi All,
      I am currently working on addition of a Unity account . I am using Unity version 5 which is in SQL. From what I see, to add a new account we have to add the informations of the new account in the subscriber table. But the account is not getting displayed on the interface. Kindly help me by mentioning which are the other tables that needs to be effected for the unity account to be created.
    Thanks in Advance
    Manas Varma