Identifying the Capabilities of IP Phone Clients

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    Created by: Cliff Larson on 27-05-2010 01:39:40 AM
    I have one main PHP page that is setup as a SERVICE URL. I would like to also get the Capabilities and Info of the phone that is requesting the URL. I see there is a section:
    I also see that it is sent in the Header. I have no idea on how to code my page to get this info. If anyone could provide an example or code to get me started that would be great.
    Is it possible to have this logged in Apache in say the access_log?

    Subject: RE: Identifying the Capabilities of IP Phone Clients
    Replied by: David Staudt on 27-05-2010 03:04:57 AM
    These are just extra HTTP headers the phone adds to the GET request.  You should be able to find PHP info on retrieving these.  A quick google suggests this may be promising: