Comet event from Java Client

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    Created by: Mohammed Roondiwala on 25-05-2010 09:25:59 AM
    I am looking to register for CUMI comet event from a thick Java client (Not java script). It would be great to have any examples around that, the example in documentation was based on Jquery. Would we have to use something like Bayeux client APIs to achieve this with Java?

    Subject: RE: Comet event from Java Client
    Replied by: Giggesh Thekkekeloth on 21-09-2010 09:01:17 AM
    Hi Mohammed,
    We do not currently have sample code like this.  That said, there are native Bayeux client libraries that are open-source and searchable via google.  I do know that other customers have been able to do this type of thing.
    Giggesh T K.