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    Subject: RE: IPCCX server service IP Phone Apps
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-05-2010 01:55:37 AM
    The symptoms you describe sound like the HTTP header 'Content-type' is set to something other than 'text/xml'.  If it's for example 'text/html' then the phone will not attempt to interpret/display the XML object and will just render the response as text.  I'm not sure how/if you can get IPCCX to modify the Content-type header on the response.
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    Created by: KEVIN KELLY on 15-05-2010 10:04:26 PM
    I'm having issues getting an IPCC application to serve XML Application data to a phone.
    The phone (via a service) would trigger an IPCCx script based on a IPCCx HTTP Trigger and depending on criteria in the script, I could return any one of a number of applications to the phone to process.
    Perhaps in my ignorance I figured that if I could just send back XML formatted data to the phone I could in essence serve
    up a dynamic phone application.
    I have tried a bunch of ways to format the reply document in IPCCx but all i get back is "Text" display of the source code of the app i'm trying to serve.
    So I cheated and took the clock.asp app from the SDK and tried to have IPCC serve it up as an app.  Again only displays the text.
    I'm missing something fundamental here.
    In my tiny mind i figured that javascript / asp  pages were served by an HTTP Server sending "text" of the page down to the client where it would recgonize the javascript def in the header and process / execute the code on the page.?!?
    What am I doing wrong? (other that possibly posting this in the forum ;-)  )