CiscoIpPhoneError 4

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    Created by: Regan DeDiana on 10-05-2010 09:29:48 PM
    hello all,
    typing this the second time (browser crashed lost original post.... ugh!)... a bit shorter  this time ;)
    recently, i've been using 797x phones and CIPPS xmlObjects in my lab without any issues. over the weekend we upgraded our  call manager to 7.1 from 7.0., and now all the phone applications are receiving error number 4 (authentication error)
    i'm using C# to push apps out to the phones. the code hasn't changed, but something has changed in the authentication process.
    i haven't had a chance to validate that the authorization requests are being sent to CUCM, but i suspect they are.
    i'm using the credentials from the currently logged in user on the ipphone.
    any suggestions on what might have changed?