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    Created by: David Wanagel on 08-05-2010 11:54:09 AM
    The CUPI interface is only available in 7.1.3 and later versions.


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    > Chris Manuh has created a new message in the forum "CUPI Questions":
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    > We have a requirement to use CUPI to manager user mailboxes.  Looking at the
    > Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability v8, Connection
    > REST Service is listed as one of the services but I can't find "Connection
    > REST Service" in version 7.1.2, which we're running.  My question is is the
    > REST API available only for version 8? if it's available for 7, which services
    > do i need to enable to get the vmrest service?
    > Thanks
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