Can't set "Use Device Pool Calling Party Transformation CSS" Flag via AXL

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    Created by: Rene Forstner on 10-05-2010 09:43:22 AM
    I wan't to create Remote Destination Profiles via AXL.
    Everything works fine, but i am not able to disable the "<label for="USEDEVICEPOOLCGPNTRANSFORMCSS">Use Device Pool Calling Party
    Transformation CSS"</label>.
    In the documentation i figured out, the correct parameter i have to use is <useDevicePoolCgpnTransformCSS>.
    In other boolean fields i only type "t" or "f" and it works, but here nothing happens, i also tried the following synthax, unsuccessfully:
    And only the empty string: <useDevicePoolCgpnTransformCSS />
    with kind regards