Access IOS commands from IVR TCL

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    Created by: Michal Levak on 05-05-2010 03:08:15 PM
    I am solving a problem and I need to find a way how to write an IVR TCL or VXML or even a hybrid script which will be capable of accessing the IOS commands on my GW in case of the incoming call to the specific number. Is there any way how to solve it internally in the system or external appication (e.g. PHP script accessing router via AXL interface) is needed. I was wondering about some kind of command like cli_exec in the EEM or exec command from the IOS TCL. Is there any? Thank you for any answer.
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    Subject: RE: Access IOS commands from IVR TCL
    Replied by: Yawming Chen on 05-05-2010 07:48:49 PM
    Not like EEM, TCL/VXML IVR API cannot execute IOS command inside the script.