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    Subject: RE: New Message from Oscar Alonso Blanco in Unified Contact Center Express
    Replied by: David Lender on 03-05-2010 06:14:35 PM
    There is no built in feature for this.  I think you could implement the
    Release call as actually a Transfer under the covers.  So the agent
    thinks they are releasing the call but actually they are transferring it
    to Survey.
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    Created by: Oscar Alonso Blanco on 03-05-2010 03:27:20 PM
    Hello everyone:

    We are trying to assure that we could implement a post call survey automatically when ACD agent terminates a call.

    At first our purchased product is a UCCX 7.0 H.A. Premium licensed with 85 seat premium license. doing tandem with 2 UCCM 7.1 in cluster with MGCP gateways routing calls.

    Tecnically we can do a script survey that do what we want to do ( The script writes in a database the score selected from the original caller...) but we didn't see clearly how can automatically (no agent handling) divert the call once ACD agent terminates de call.

    We see that is possible to do this survey, but only with ACD agents help (before agents terminates de call, the agent can re-route de call to our script route point or we can make an agent desktop workflow button that the agents can push and automatically the call divers to the route point).

    The cuestion is, can we do any automatic divert when agent finish a call to our call survey with our actual software.
    Or in other hand we need a superior version that can implement this kind of funtions, in this case what kind of software we need to do a post call survey (UCCE, CVP etc...).

    Thanks in advance for all your responses.

    Subject: RE: post call survey on UCCX
    Replied by: CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS on 30-06-2010 09:01:39 AM

    This is available in UCCX 8.0, Calabrio have modified the CAD code to allow actions to be assoicated with the standard call control functions, therefore you can set an automated blind transfer action to the answer/drop call button, when the agent ends the call by pressing the drop call button, the caller is set via blind transfer to the survey app,