Changing User PIN/PW

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    Created by: Rene Forstner on 29-04-2010 09:01:33 AM
    I know, there are some threads about this topic, but I will post some more facts about this:
    I tried to change the PIN, while the User Cant Change Flag is enabled on two different Versions
    Cisco Unity Connection version: 7.1.3ES11.21900-11:
    Here I can't change anything, until the flag is disabled via the GUI.
    Cisco Unity Connection version: 7.1.5ES7.10000-7:
    Here I'm able to set the User Cant Change Flag to 0 via CUPI. Then I can change the parameters and enable the flag when finished. This is only a quick and dirty workaround!
    Is there any way to change the credential parameters without upgrading Unity or disabling the flag?

    Subject: RE: Changing User PIN/PW
    Replied by: David Wanagel on 29-04-2010 10:10:55 AM
    I posted an answer to this question yesterday, but it never made it to the forum somehow.  The link to the other thread is here: