CCX Script - HTTP Contact and Concurrent Sessions

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    Created by: Jim Feiger on 27-04-2010 10:13:08 PM
    Forgive me if I am not referring to the applications correctly.  We are setting up a CCX script (application) that is triggered by http contact.  We are limiting the number of concurrent sessions to five via the CCX Application Configuration page.  This work great accept that http contact #6, 7, 8, etc stay open indefinitely until a session frees up.  We would rather have an error page returned after a predetermined timeout.
    If that is not possible, can we open up the concurrent sessions to a much higher amount, but in the script start with an if statement that checks how many concurrent sessions are currently being handled.  If 5 are being handled (true) use the 'reject contact' which returns message 403 forbidden, 4 or less are being handled (false) then continue with the script, accept the contact.
    Thanks in advance,