Access rights through AXL

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    Subject: RE: Access rights through AXL
    Replied by: David Staudt on 26-04-2010 07:37:17 AM
    Currently AXL access is full read/write.  This is planned to be made more granular in future releases.
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    Created by: TORSTEN SCHLABACH on 26-04-2010 06:28:38 AM
    I was wondering if someone could answer a simple question about AXL and permissions.
    My goal is to access an instance of a CUCM (6.1 in this case) read-only for some reporting purposes. The CM admins are very keen to make sure that any API user does not have any write access to the system as they say they have no means to control what my application does, which is accessing the CM via the API, which is fair enough.
    Now I have seen there is only a role ""Allow to use API" available, nothing like "read only API access".
    If I create a user with has "Allow to use API" checked, which rights will that user have? None at all or will that user be allowed to access everything in the system, including the right to change entries in the database?