Load vendor config with AXL failed

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    Created by: Michael Kail on 21-04-2010 12:29:52 PM
    Hello everybody,
    i am loading the vendor config (xml) from the CUCM 6.1 with the executeSqlQuery function in PHP. That is no problem if there is only one phone. But I am loading for about 3000 phones. To avoid soap answers that are too big i am loading the first 500 devices, than the next 500 devices and so on. But after receiving 2000 devices the next AXL request is failing and returns no error code. That error only appears when the parameter "xml" for the vendor config is added.
    Does anybody know if there is any restriction to that parameter?
    Here is my request:
       fksecurityprofile,fkdevicepool,fkenduser,fkcallingsearchspace_restrict, typeproduct.name AS productName,
       typedeviceprotocol.name AS deviceprotocol, device.allowhotelingflag, device.fkcommondeviceconfig
    FROM device, typedeviceprotocol, typeproduct
       device.tkdeviceprotocol = typedeviceprotocol.enum
       device.tkmodel = typeproduct.tkmodel

    Subject: RE: Load vendor config with AXL failed
    Replied by: David Staudt on 21-04-2010 04:04:43 PM
    The vendor config 'xml' field itself contains XML formatted data, which is returned in the XML AXL response.  Normally this is not a problem, but if the vendor config of a particular phone happens to be corrupt, or somehow contains XML reserved characters, this can break the overall well-formedness of the AXL response and cause downstream parsing to fail.
    You may be able to identify the specific phone that is causing the problem, and check the xml field for anything abnormal.  The AXL logs (via RTMT) or the UCM command line SQL capability ('run sql select name,xml from device') may be helpful tools.