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    Created by: Patrick Hartl on 15-04-2010 12:07:14 PM
    Can anyone tell me...
    Is it possible to configure an aspx URL on the router for vxml applications ?
    For example:
     service test
    The ASPX File gives a vxml doc back. But does the Router understand this ?

    Subject: RE: APPLICATION vxml aspx
    Replied by: Vijay Prasad Neelamegam on 16-04-2010 05:34:39 AM
    Hi Patrick,
    Router cant understand .aspx files.It wont get registered while loading the script

    Subject: RE: APPLICATION vxml aspx
    Replied by: Patrick Hartl on 20-04-2010 10:39:37 AM
    Hi Vijay,
    Thx for your answer. But is it possible to implement this URL?


    Subject: RE: APPLICATION vxml aspx
    Replied by: Anusha Kannappan on 21-04-2010 09:31:32 AM
    Hi Patrick,
    It is not possible to implement the mentioned URL for loading the application. As the router would be able to interpret the application until the .vxml portion alone. Beyound that giving the ? mark is like the help command being issued in the router. 

    ASG_3845(config-app)#service test


    Subject: RE: APPLICATION vxml aspx
    Replied by: Wes Schochet on 26-04-2010 09:39:13 PM
    But you could o some type of redirect based on the calling or called number if that's what you are trying to accomplish.

    Subject: RE: APPLICATION vxml aspx
    Replied by: Travis May on 25-05-2010 04:35:19 AM
    Oddly enough, you can only load .TCL and .VXML files into a service command in the IOS.  HOWEVER, if you use a hybrid TCL/vXML you can use "leg vxmldialog" that will go to a ASPX or any other document type.
    Alternatively, you can set your server to interpret VXML as an ASPX document.  Then you just put your ASPX commands directly into the VXML, of course it won't really be dynamic becuase the IOS will load the ASPX'd VMLX file once and save it in memory.
    Probably the best way for  you might be to load a simple .VXML document that simply does a <GOTO next="dynamic.aspx?dnis=XXXXXX">

    Subject: RE: APPLICATION vxml aspx
    Replied by: ERIK TAMMINGA on 07-06-2010 06:44:27 PM
    Hi Patrick,
    What you are asking is possible. Someone was not thinking at Cisco when they implemented the http/vxml parser in IOS. The IOS code relies on the name of the file in the http-request/response to determine if the code is vxml or not. This all dispite the content-type the IOS http client is willing to accept and you should be returning as well.
    To have your .net application return vxml and have the IOS code understand the results all you should do is to trick the parser to think the file is a .vxml file (filename). Use the following URL for example:
      service MyVxmlAspxApp http://webserver/app1/menu.aspx?param1=value1&realfilename/menu.vxml
    The querystring-parameter realfilename/menu.vxml without parameter tricks IOS in thinking the actual file being requested is VXML. Stupid, but true, unfortinately.
    About the ? in the line of code... just press CTRL-V before typing the ? and IOS will allow you to continue with the parameters of the URL.
    Besides all of this, always return a valid content-type in the response. Ex.: Response.ClearHeaders(); Response.Content-Type="application/vxml";
    Eik Tamminga