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    Created by: William Alvord on 19-04-2010 08:34:09 PM
    Is there a way with either AXL or the Serviceability AXL or via a SQL query to retrieve the total DLU's and used DLU's on a CUCM 7 cluster?

    Subject: RE: Get DLU Count
    Replied by: William Alvord on 08-07-2010 06:22:52 PM
    Well lots of views but no replies, so hopefully some of you will find this useful.  I couldn't find any 'direct' axl element, but with executeSQLQuery the information can be retrieved from the database.
    The relevant tables are (although the 1st 3 are all that you really need):
    licensedistributionused.distributedlicenseunits reports a count that's slightly more than ccmadmin's "units authorized" reports.  The reason for that is the licenseinfo.overdraftunits are added to the licenseinfo.licenseunits counts.
    So for node licenses, count the licenseinfo.licenseunits where licenseinfo.typelicensefeature = 1 (from typelicensefeature table):
    select sum(licenseunits) from licenseinfo where tklicensefeature=1
    For phone licenses, do the same but with typelicensefeature of 2.
    Used DLU counts can be retrieved from licensedistributionused.usedlicenseunits, again using tklicensefeature as necessary.
    hope that helps someone else,
    (I typed all of the table and column names rather than copy/pasting so there may be a typo or two.  You should be able to figure it out though.)