SOAPMonitor shows no message activity.

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    Created by: Aaron Graham on 14-04-2010 08:54:24 AM
    Hi All,
    I am developing a client that is to send AXL requests to several call managers CCM7.1. I have a prototype working and I now plan to work on producing a collection of SOAP AXL payloads to perform the configuration tasks our project needs. I had hoped to speed the development up, by configuring a CUCM with the web interface (for example to add a phone) and to capture the SOAP requests and responses via the AXIS SOAPMonitor.  The Java based SOAPMonitor starts up fine, but is not displaying any messages. I have started all services on the CUCM. My development application is getting back the SOAP responses fine to my request so I am sure that the SOAPMonitor is not working for some reason.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Subject: RE: SOAPMonitor shows no message activity.
    Replied by: Dan-Anders Hook on 19-04-2010 09:02:47 AM
    The CUCM built-in SOAPMonitor can unfortunately only be used with the Serviceability API's and does not work for the AXL provisioning API. Even if it would it would probably not help you as CCMAdmin does not use the AXL API itself, at least as far as I know.
    Kind regards,

    Subject: RE: SOAPMonitor shows no message activity.
    Replied by: Aaron Graham on 21-04-2010 07:46:38 AM
    Thanks Dan for your response. It is strange that only Serviceability API SOAP traffic is monitored. Since I posted my query I have started looking into using the WSDL files for the CUMM7.1 to generate our Client side interface. I plan to create another discussion on that as I am getting no where with it.
    Thanks again for responding.