Get InputMode in VXML

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    Created by: gokila s on 07-04-2010 02:59:41 PM
    We have UCCX 7.0 with ASR and TTS[Nuance 9.0]. The caller can either say the name of the person or enter the extension number he is trying to reach.
    If the caller says an invalid name then we should announce "sorry I had trouble with recognizing that name". If the caller enters invalid extension number [Instead of entering 4 digits he has entered 3 digits] then we should announce "the extension number that you have entered is invalid".
    We are trying to achieve this by using shadow variable application.lastresult$[0].inputmode" property inside <nomatch>.
    But we are getting the below exception.
    " error.semantic: Error in eval(): application.lastresult$[0].inputmode =='dtmf'; nested exception is: undefined: The undefined value has no properties"
    Can anyone help me out to resolve this issue.

    Subject: RE: Get InputMode in VXML
    Replied by: Sethuramalingam Balasubramanian on 08-04-2010 06:57:15 AM
    application.lastresult$.length would provide the maxnbest values
    returned on this recognition. If this is ZERO, it would definitely throw
    Further to the same context, we have one more question:
    Does application.lastresult$.inputmode is supported only in
    the <filled> tag per the VXML Confirmation and
    not supported inside <nomatch> or <noinput>, which are supported in
    other platforms like Avaya and VoiceGenie. Please confirm.