Extracting needed Business Intelligence from Unified Cisco Platform

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Created by: Venkat Subbarao on 02-04-2010 03:30:05 PM
It has been a challenge for Call Center Analysts, Developers and
Managers to extract customer related business data when needed, without
going through weeks of custom development life cycle. Cisco IPCC
platform provides a simple way to tag customer data to a call; however
summary data collected is based on type of the call and who is
answering the call and not related the customer who is making the call.
Often business management needs performance data based on customer
specific parameters like campaign, department, location, corporate
accounts, age groups etc. Some scenarios where such intelligence is
needed are
¿ Sales manager runs a telemarketing campaign for existing
customers in many regions and needs a report to analyze call responses
by Region and Account Type.
¿ HR department changes benefits plan and needs call statistics
from its call center based on Location, Department, Employee Status,
and Employee Position.
¿ Accounting department needs a dashboard report based on Customer
Type, Account Status (Fraud, Delinquent, Current), with FCR, Average
answer time, Answered Calls and Unanswered Calls data.

There can be hundreds of such reporting needs where business needs
call center performance metrics based on different customer specific
parameters.   Is "Just in Time" BI solution is needed where  call center metrics are tied to customer specific parameters?