C# AXL Connection Problems

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    Created by: Chip Taylor on 31-03-2010 08:12:33 PM
    I have generated the AXLAPIService.cs file through wsdl.exe as the readme states.  I have made all of the associated changes that are listed throughout the readme as well.  Everytime the constructor is called an InvalidOperationException occurs.  Currently the Inner Exception is "There was an error reflecting type 'APIRequest'.".  I have regenerated the class modifying the namespace as well twice now.  Has anyone seen this type of error?  Is it a namespace issue? 
    The exception message reads "There was an error reflecting type 'RemoveLineReq'."  Earlier it was on another type before I regenerated the class.  Any help is appreciated.

    Subject: RE: C# AXL Connection Problems
    Replied by: Chris Bertrand on 01-04-2010 08:32:14 AM
    Hi Chip,
    I cant rememeber if i had this problem or not, but make sure you have downloaded the correct files for the version you are on. I had an issue where our production server was 6 but test was 7. Then follow the procedures written in the help document to create the BruteForcePolicy.cs and ammend as appropriate. 

    Subject: RE: C# AXL Connection Problems
    Replied by: Chip Taylor on 01-04-2010 12:50:26 PM
    I thought my admins had verified versions.  Turns out I generated the 7.0 wsdl and everything connects just fine.  Anyone know where the documentation is for the types.  I need to get a list of phone numbers and descriptions.