Query TCD service for ClientsOnline

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    Created by: Patrick Humpal on 30-03-2010 10:49:31 PM
    We're currently running Call Manager 4.1(3)sr8a and I've been asked to provide alerts when the number of Attendant Console users falls below 0.  Initially, this seemed like an easy task, simply enable RTMT Alerts for TcdSrv.ClientsOnline and send notification to the appropriate users.  However, RTMT does not allow you to filter by date (only start and stop times; nor does it consider time of day routing) so it would generate alerts on the weekends or holidays when AC users would never be online.
    My next step was to look into AXL service.  I created a simple PHP script to query the AXL service, but again, there is no TcdSrv.ClientsOnline available so its kind of pointless to use SOAP and RIS.
    Next, I created a performance counter to run every minute and log the number of clients online.  The log file is mapped to a CIFS share where I have a cron job running to grep the last line looking for an instance of 0 users:
    "03/30/2010 15:35:07.546","1"
    "03/30/2010 15:36:07.547","0"
    "03/30/2010 15:37:07.547","1"
    Sure, this works and will send an alert out during business hours, but it doesn't tell you who was the last user to go offline.  Is there an easier way to do this short of writing a log parser to collect the AC logs from each AC user's PC?
    If I missed something in the Developer docs please don't hesitate to point it out. Thanks!