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Created by: Mohideen Sheik on 30-03-2010 04:13:20 PM
1)We are building  few custom reports using "Anonymous Block" as Data
source,  one of the report which is
having only one parameter of type valuelist , But the problem what we are
facing is , it shows a date picker in the Parameter Dialog in addition to the
value List, whereas we do not have parameter of that datetime data type in that
Even we tried to dropping and recreating the reports and
no use.
2)Another issue is, if we have parameter of type varchar
in that case the report is not showing any results, whereas if we change the
parameter to int it works as expected. But the time if I run the query in sql
server it is returning the rows.
3)The values in the valuelist is not getting refreshed,
when the values are got deleted from the table. We tried the refresh option in
the screen where we define the valuelist but no use.
Help is really appreciated.

Subject: RE: CUIS - Custom reports
Replied by: Prabhu Periasamy on 01-04-2010 02:06:22 PM
We have a defect CSCtf98956 filed for this issue and it will be addressed in 7.5(5)
There was a defect CSCtb85869 for String parameter type and I'm not sure if you are hitting the same issue. If yes, please upgrade to 7.5(4) and that would fix it. If no, then launch the report and check the SQL generated by the system. You may want to check once again you have configured the String parameter properly in report configuration.

Value list values are never deleted from CUIC. I.e. if the values in the source are deleted, then during refresh CUIC would not remove those original values for the valuelist. It was designed this way because historical report data may still have the old value and if we have to query the historical report data, we may need the old value (currently deleted).
In 7.5(4), we had added a suffix {obs} to denote the value is obsolete and does not exist currently. This information you may find in 7.5(4) user guide.