Error on adding remote destination with C#

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    Created by: Stefania Oliviero on 30-03-2010 07:53:10 AM
    Hi to all, I have a problem when I try to add a new remote destination. The Error message I get  is:
    Remote Destination cannot be added because there is no associated EndUser for this dual-mode phone, Remote Destination Profile or MobileSmartClient.
    I set a Remote Destination Profile who has the end user associated and when I add a remote detsination "manually" with the same RDP, it works.
    I use C#, with the class I got with wsdl, CM version is 7.1.3.
    I tried in 2 ways:
    - using AddRemoteDestination method from AXLAPIService.cs
    - using an ExecuteSQLUpdate (always from AXLAPIservice.cs), with this query:
    INSERT into remotedestination(pkid,fkdevice_dualmode,fkdevice_remotedestinationtemplate,destination,name) VALUES(newid(), null, 'CAE3FB74-20E2-52AC-4D52-278FFE4C811B', '00123456789', 'Test' )
    Result is the same.
    Any help ?
    Thank you.

    Subject: RE: Error on adding remote destination with C#
    Replied by: Stefania Oliviero on 30-03-2010 08:47:39 AM
    I retrieved the Remote Destination Profile pkid from XRemoteDestinationProfile class's filed uuid,  (by GetRemoteDestinationProfileByName)  that is in Upper case (I cut the {}).
    Now I take the field uuid and I put in lower case oand it works...