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    Created by: Mike Jensen on 26-03-2010 07:36:52 PM
    Is the AXL API method "ISexecCLI" available for use with CUCM or is it only available for CUCME?  If it is not, is there another way to send IOS commands via SOAP to CUCM?
    EDIT:  By the way, I am running CUCM 7.1.3.

    Subject: RE: CUCM AXL vs CUCME AXL
    Replied by: David Staudt on 26-03-2010 07:55:59 PM
    In fact UCM 'AXL' is very different from CME 'AXL' with very few points of intersection.
    UCM does not accept IOS CLI commands, so no there is no corresponding UCM AXL request of course.  
    UCM does implement it's own CLI-type console interface - which may superficially resemble IOS (kinda), but AXL does not expose the ability to send commands to this interface.  The UCM CLI is fairly limited in capability, and the various UCM AXL interfaces can perform many/most of its functions.
    If you must send UCM CLI commands directly, it will need to be via SSH.