Retrieve Phone number

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    Created by: Neal haas on 12-03-2010 11:11:46 PM
    I can retrieve Device name in services with "name=#DEVICENAME#" now how do I get the Device phone number and MAC address?
    I have tried http://URL/ServicesTest.aspx?name=#DEVICENAME#&mynumber=#NUMBER#

    Subject: RE: Retrieve Phone number
    Replied by: David Staudt on 13-03-2010 12:06:30 AM
    #DEVICENAME# is the only such macro the phones provide.  You can get some limited information by taking the IP address of the phone, and  querying back to the the web server on the phone itself (assuming it's not disabled by the admin
    See the development notes guide for additional information URLs available on the phone.  The 'X' versions return XML formatted data.
    To discover full information about the phone, for example if it has multiple lines/DNs, you will need to use the AXL SOAP interface: